Olivia Quinlan

Photo of Olivia Quinlan
St Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Brock University
AEW, Canadian Wrestling, Women's Wrestling
  • Olivia was introduced to wrestling by her father and has been watching it for her entire life.
  • She has attended a multitude of wrestling shows across the Niagara Falls and Toronto areas, ranging from independent shows to AEW to WWE.
  • She has created short videos for TikTok pertaining to wrestling, combining her love of the business and filmmaking.


Joining the Wrestling Inc. team in 2022, Olivia has honed her craft as a writer and grasped the ins and outs of doing live coverage for weekly professional wrestling shows. In addition, she is a contributor for Women's Wrestling Talk and previously served as the Head of News for Wrestling Republic.


Olivia is currently in the process of earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in media and communication studies at Brock University.

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