WWE Star AJ Styles Reflects On Time Wrestling In Japan Ahead Of NOAH Match

AJ Styles will be returning to Japan this summer for a special interpromotional match against Naomichi Mauifuji at Pro Wrestling NOAH's Destination event on July 13. The match will not only be Styles' debut for NOAH, but also his first match outside of WWE in eight-and-a-half years. Before he joined WWE at the beginning of 2016, Styles solidified himself as one of the best wrestlers of his generation by having a two-year run with NJPW that is often seen as the peak of Styles' in-ring ability by fans.


Styles himself has fond memories of wrestling in Japan, as he told Sports Illustrated that his run there was one of the best periods of his life. "Looking back at my time in Japan, I was working with some of the best guys in the company in the ring," Styles said. "And I was spending time with some of my best friends in life on a daily basis. I mean, come on, that was incredible."

During his time in Japan, Styles became extremely close with Karl Anderson and Luke 'Doc' Gallows, with the three men reuniting in WWE when The Good Brothers followed in Styles' footsteps in 2016. Styles recalled a time where Anderson and Gallows came to his aid while out for dinner with a sponsor. "Jet lag is a real thing. That time, as soon as I landed, I felt it. A sponsor took us out, but I was so tired, I couldn't keep my eyes open. At first, it was rude, I'll admit it. But the jet lag was real. So it became this running joke. I'd eat, then I'd go right to sleep at the dinner table." While Styles napped, The Good Brothers and the sponsor bonded over chicken, steak, and rice, while also enjoying a few drinks to go with it.