ECW Legend Sabu Wanted To Wrestle This Current WWE Star

ECW legend Sabu is eyeing one last match before he finally hangs up his boots after a long, violent career. The high-flying pioneer has wrestled some of the biggest names across many generations, but he has missed out on mixing it up with some of the modern generation stars that have borrowed many things from his prime.


During a recent appearance on "Casual Conversations with The Classic," Sabu was asked who he would have liked to have wrestled from the current era of stars from WWE, AEW, and the rest of the wider wrestling world, to which he had a very specific answer. 

"I like Finn Balor," Sabu said. "I [have] seen him wrestling in Ireland — no, Scotland a couple of times not too long ago, before he became Finn Balor, I always wanted to wrestle him and then he became Finn Balor. I said, 'Hey man, someday we'll get together' and he said, 'Of course,' but then it never happened because I got hurt."

Sabu admitted that he feels as if the current crop of WWE Superstars aren't necessarily wrestlers, and that the company has turned someone like Balor from a straight wrestler into something completely different. "WWE guys are actors and stuntmen, they're not wrestlers anymore," Sabu said. "They're making him, a wrestler, be an actor and stuntman, you know what I mean? But I don't blame him he's getting paid." 


While Balor and Sabu have never shared the ring, they were featured on the same card in 2014 when the two men both competed at an ICW event in March 2014, mere months before Balor signed with the WWE.

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