Backstage News On Damian Priest And Drew McIntyre Following WWE Clash At The Castle

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Drew McIntyre and Damian Priest at Clash at the Castle has had the wrestling world talking for a variety of reasons. There was Priest almost blowing his knee out attempting a dive to the outside, CM Punk interfering to stop McIntyre from winning, and of course, Priest retaining his crown in front of a very angry Glasgow crowd.


Now that the dust has settled, PWInsider Elite has learned some backstage information about both Priest and McIntyre following the Clash at the Castle main event. Regarding the champion, the belief from within WWE is that Priest is 100% okay following his scary slip-up on Saturday night, and that there are currently no plans to change any plans or stories to accommodate an injury. While previous reporting had been optimistic but ultimately inconclusive, PWI's report claims Priest is fine, and that he's either extremely lucky or extremely good at selling.

McIntyre, meanwhile, reportedly received praise backstage in WWE for "grace under pressure," as he wrestled in Scotland despite the fact that his wife was undergoing emergency surgery back in the United States. McIntyre is reportedly at the arena for the June 17 edition of "WWE Raw" in Corpus Christi, Texas, as well.


One person who won't be at this week's episode of "WWE Raw" is Punk, who claimed to be getting himself checked out by doctors following the injury that's kept him out of action since January. He is however, set to appear at this week's edition of "WWE Smackdown" in his home town of Chicago, with Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer reporting that Punk's story about getting himself checked out my medical is just part of an angle.