Backstage Update On WWE Star Damien Priest After Clash At The Castle Injury

Damian Priest is still the WWE World Heavyweight Champion following Clash at the Castle in Glasgow on June 15. Priest successfully defended his title against Drew McIntyre, but the champion almost didn't make it to the end of the bout. During the match, Priest attempted a springboard dive off the middle rope to the outside, only for his ankle to be caught in between the top and middle rope in a moment that led many fans to worry about his condition. Priest stated that he felt banged up but that fans shouldn't be worried. That sentiment has now been echoed by Dave Meltzer on "Wrestling Observer Radio," who was told by WWE sources that Priest is doing okay. 


"I actually heard from them and the preliminary news wasn't bad," Meltzer said. "They were actually saying it's like a miracle, but it's not — that could change Monday. It wasn't as bad as feared, but nothing is conclusive. It's not like, 'Oh he needs surgery, can't say that, we can't say that he's fine, we don't know.' I do know as time went on from what I understand there was a hope...kind of a hope that he's okay."

Meltzer noted that the plan for Priest to retain the title was the intended idea, and that they could have potentially had the chance to call an audible if Priest's condition wasn't improving. However, Priest was able to complete the match without signalling that he was seriously hurt, so the match went ahead as planned. If Priest doesn't need to take time away from the ring, he will now turn his attention to Money in the Bank on July 6 in Toronto as that could be the place he defends his title next.


Please credit "Wrestling Observer Radio" when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.