Ricochet Put Through Windshield By Bron Breakker In Presumed Final WWE Appearance

Ricochet has left the building.

Over the weekend, news broke that Ricochet had informed WWE that he would not be renewing his contract, which was set to expire this summer. On Monday, it was reported that the former WWE United States and Intercontinental Champion was not scheduled for any more dates past this week's episode of "WWE Raw," and was expected to be written off TV during the broadcast. This did indeed take place, as Breakker presumably ended Ricochet's WWE career (at least for now) by powerslamming him into a car windshield during a backstage attack.


Ricochet did not have a final match on "Raw," but his friend Ilja Dragunov had one against Breakker; Ricochet and Dragunov shared a moment of mutual admiration backstage beforehand. After Breakker defeated Dragunov, he came running around the ring with the intention of spearing "The Mad Dragon" through the barricade, but was intercepted by Ricochet, who leapt from the barricade and took Breakker down instead, likely confusing fans who were expecting a beat-down.

But those fans didn't have to wait long. In the parking lot, an enraged Breakker attacked Dragunov, spearing him yet again. Ricochet attempted to intervene, but Breakker threw him into a WWE truck, beat him up against a car, and lawn darted him straight into Jimmy Hart's mouth (on another WWE truck). That was followed by the powerslam, a spot that briefly had "REAL GLASS" trending on X (formerly known as Twitter).


A distraught Samantha Irvin watched in horror as her fiancé was dismantled, and later joined him as he was loaded into an ambulance (Pat McAfee briefly took over ring announcing duties). While he was being lifted, Ricochet gave a thumbs up while Dragunov looked on. Our final shot of the inaugural WWE Speed champion was the soles of his shoes. He's widely expected to sign with AEW.