Jailed Luchador El Cuatrero Denied Parole, Threats Against Victim To Be Investigated

News broke in March last year that luchador El Cuatrero, known for his work in AAA and CMLL, had been arrested and charged with domestic violence and attempted femicide following such allegations from CMLL Women's Champion Stephanie Vaquer. Cuatrero has spent the time since defending himself from prison, and that will continue following the latest update on the trial. 


Mexican reporter Antonio Nieto covered the developments of Cuatrero's latest parole hearing on Wednesday, reporting the judge's conclusion that the defense hadn't established any conditions for his release. One of the factors working against the luchador was the consideration that Vaquer is still in a vulnerable position and it could therefore endanger her for him to be released at this time. It was also reported that the Mexico City prosecutor's office will be investigating allegations of threats made against Vaquer since Cuatrero's arrest. It was also pointed out that Cuatrero's defense lawyer had been involved in defending Rautel "N," whom was determined to have been involved in the femicide of Ariadna Fernanda, an infamous Mexico City case in 2022. 


In her original statement to police, Vaquer alleged that Cuatrero grabbed her by the neck and threw her against a wall in an argument over messages he was sending to an unknown person. During which, a painting was also said to have fell and hit Vaquer, causing further injury. She said that she then ran to her bedroom to call the police, while Cuatrero fled the scene before medical personnel arrived to treat her. Photos from the police report were circulated shortly thereafter showing bruising across Vaquer's neck, and she said she was told her trachea was nearly broken.

Vaquer is expected to wrestle her first match for a mainstream American promotion on June 30, where she will put her NJPW STRONG Women's Championship on the line against Mercedes Mone's TBS Championship at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door.