Newest Wyatt-Themed WWE Raw QR Code Unlocks Ominous Survey, Cryptic Series Of Puzzles

Another episode of WWE programming, another QR code leading to a lengthy trail of clues all seemingly pointing toward Uncle Howdy and, now more than ever, other members of his new faction. As the Chad Gable vs. Sami Zayn match that opened Monday's "WWE Raw" went to a commercial break, the code quickly flashed on-screen, alongside the newspaper clipping that we've seen before about the missing therapist with a byline attributed to "Wendy Lucho," an anagram for Uncle Howdy. Scanning the code takes viewers to the URL, and deducing that the slug is an anagram for spectrogram will come in handy later down the path. The page itself says, "hello," and then begins a survey featuring the following series of yes or no questions:

  • "Can you ever truly be free?"

  • "Have you ever lost your way?"

  • "Did you find your way back?"

  • "Do you want to be better?"

  • "Do you know that I'm proud of you?"

  • "Is love unconditional?"

  • "Have they been set free?"

  • "Do you believe?"

  • "Do you want to meet them?"

Once the questions are through (if you answer them correctly, that is) the page renders the message "soon." Below that are 10 clickable, blank boxes that lead to even more content and clues, including a cipher that, when cracked, states, "A puppet is free as long as he loves his strings," and three separate audio files that, when run through a spectrogram, reveal a file named "ICU2" that just shows the word "hello," another named "North_Star" that contains the familiar Bray Wyatt/Wyatt 6 upside down moth logo, and another named "WITNESS" that very clearly shows Uncle Howdy's face.


WhatsApp, Glassboro, and the Allegory of the Cave

From there, the links in the boxes only get more intriguing, bizarre, and downright creepy. One goes to a newspaper article, positioned adjacent to the "Wendy Lucho" piece, titled "STUDY SEES NEGATIVE RESULTS." The story refers to a "cruel and evil experiment" that actually look place in 1965, when Josie Laures and Antoine Senni set new records for time spent alone in a cave. The text of the story includes lines such as "I saved them," "Give me a little more time," and "I must give them the opportunity to repent. I hope, for their sake, they do." It also features an image that appears to refer to Plato's famous Allegory of the Cave.


Elswhere, a sheet of notebook paper with "LIAR LIAR" scratched out in red and black marker contains the words "WhatsApp 5.22" scrawled in the corner, likely suggesting another clue dropping Wednesday. There's also a quick video showing the veiled visage of a mysterious female figure, source code that contains an anchor link to the word "DOOR" within an H1 tag, a piece of paper with the glyph for Pluto all over it, the coordinates 39.7100 N and 75.1192 W, which points to Glassboro, New Jersey, which happens to be the location of Rowan University — likely a not-so-subtle reference to rumored returning superstar and former Wyatt Family member, Erick Rowan — and a piece of paper with "WENDY LUCHO" written on it, along with tick marks in each letter, perhaps showing its author working out the anagram before attributing it to the byline in the newspaper article.


WWE Shop recently released two shirts that fit right in with this mysterious journey, with one labeled as "Cavebird 1" and the other as "Cavebird 2."