Booker T Comments On WWE NXT's Upcoming Move To The CW

Like every other wrestling TV show on air right now, "NXT" has taken it share of lumps going up against both the NHL and NBA Playoffs. But even still, optimism surrounding the WWE's third brand remains high, with Trick Williams currently settling into his first run as NXT Champion after defeating Ilja Dragunov, and the show preparing to move from cable to network TV this fall, when "NXT" will begin airing on The CW Network.


Having served as a color commentator for the brand since October 2022, Booker T has gotten a front row seat at "NXT" as its solidified its new era, including the hot run the brand had in the fall of 2023, which many felt helped "NXT" secure its deal with The CW. While speaking about the brand on the latest episode of the "Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker discussed the feel "NXT" has as it prepares to make the leap to network TV.

"When you come there, you can feel it, you can feel it inside that arena," Booker said. "It's something special to watch these young guys grow up that way. I can only wish that I would've/could've had that kind of experience growing up in the business. It's a great system for these young guys to actually be able to springboard [forward]. 


"And right now, [we're] getting ready to go to CW here, in a few months to come later this year. It's going to be so much bigger for these young guys. So much more exposure and perspective, so much more of an experience. And I'm loving it. Like I say, I'm living my best life right now, being part of the 'NXT' crew. I really am."

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