Brian Gewirtz Says Upcoming WCW Documentary Isn't The 'Same Old' Story Told By WWE

The story of WCW's demise has been covered countless times, most notably in the WWE-produced documentary "The Rise and Fall of WCW." As such, some viewers might not expect Vice's upcoming series "Who Killed WCW?" to bring any fresh insights to the table. However, producer Brian Gewirtz insists that it will be different from other takes on the familiar story.


Speaking on "The Masked Man Show," Gewirtz explained that Vice wouldn't have bought the series if it was going to be a retread of what came before. To make this documentary different, however, the creators talked to people who were there during WCW's collapse.

"They're not buying it if it's the same old, same old... We interviewed top Turner executives and have them tell their story unfiltered. That's really, at the heart of the matter, the relationship between Turner broadcasting and WCW. We got Brad Siegel and top WCW and Turner executives. Ted Turner's son is interviewed. We got the big names. Bret [Hart], Kevin Nash, Goldberg, Booker T and Sharmell, [Eric] Bischoff, [Vince] Russo, DDP, Konnan, David Arquette, Madusa, and we have The Rock speaking on it from a 'This is what we were seeing on the WWE side.' But we truly wanted to tell the 'real story' of WCW from the people that were there and not the WWE version."


Gewirtz noted that Guy Evans' extensively researched book "Nitro: The Incredible Rise and Inevitable Collapse of Ted Turner's WCW" also inspired the series. Evans interviewed several top Turner executives for the book, many of whom haven't contributed to any WWE documentaries, so "Who Killed WCW?" will at least feature a wider array of perspectives. 

Dwayne Johnson is also producing "Who Killed WCW?" for Vice TV. The four-part docuseries is scheduled to debut on June 4.