Bully Ray Assesses Willow Nightingale And Mercedes Mone AEW Dynamite Segment

Bully Ray has lavished praise on the recent segment between Willow Nightingale and Mercedes Mone on "AEW Dynamite."

Nightingale and Mone will face each other at the Double or Nothing pay-per-view on Sunday, where the former will put her AEW TBS Championship on the line. On the May 15 edition of "Dynamite," the two had a promo segment that ended with Nightingale slamming Mone. Ray, on a recent "Busted Open" episode, applauded the segment, especially the TBS Champion's work on the mic.


"Willow does another great job with her promo. I said last week that Willow really caught my attention with her backstage promo, she capitalized again tonight with her live mic work," stated Ray. "I could tell she was memorizing her lines but there was enough heart and soul in the promo to make me believe."

"Mercedes sat there, she took it, she was batting her eyes ... everything about Mercedes — as I've been saying now for a while — reeks, drips of heel," declared the Hall of Famer.

He praised both stars for the segment, highlighting how Nightingale did a fantastic job of putting over the TBS title and what it means to her, AEW, and TBS. Ray stated that he loved the segment between the two because he didn't think they would get physical in the ring.


"A great segment. Zero nitpicking," stated Ray. "Both women [get] double thumbs up, great table bump, great powerbomb, great selling by [Mone]. Mercedes didn't move a muscle. The position that she landed in is the position she stayed in, and I love that. It's not easy to get powerbombed in a mini-skirt and just stay there. She did. Bravo."

Ray believes that Mone did incredibly well to get the heat on her and give Nightingale the cheers from the fans, ahead of their match at Double or Nothing pay-per-view.