Carmella Looks Back On Infamous WWE Money In The Bank Match

WWE star Carmella reflected on winning the Money in the Bank contract in 2017 when James Ellsworth famously interfered in the match and won the briefcase for her, however she also revealed she was never supposed to win the six-woman ladder match in the first place. Carmella went on to hold the contract for 287 days, still the longest ever time before a cash-in occurred, before eventually cashing in on Charlotte Flair to become the "WWE SmackDown" Women's Champion. On "The Nikki and Brie Show", Carmella stated that she loved the idea of Ellsworth getting involved in the match, while also explaining that Becky Lynch was supposed to be the ultimate winner of the women's Money in the Bank contract in 2017. 


"I didn't grab it, James did and then he threw it down to me and I knew fans were going to be so upset about it, but I felt like that was great because everyone's going to be talking about it ... I know originally it was supposed to be Becky, she was winning it the second time ... so then we showed up that day of and we kind of like talking through things and it was like 'and Carmella is going to win' and I'm like what? Like oh my God, like I couldn't believe it. I hadn't even been on the main roster for a year yet."

Carmella went on to describe how she discovered plans had changed on the "SmackDown" after Money in the Bank, when it was decided that the women would have another match for the briefcase due to Ellsworth's interference and WWE came to the conclusion she would win that match as well and was the right choice. In particular, Carmella cites a "SmackDown" promo she cut after her first win as changing minds backstage.


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