Vince McMahon Files Statement Of Undisputed Facts In Janel Grant Lawsuit

In the latest update to the Vince McMahon sexual misconduct civil lawsuit, the former CEO's attorneys have filed their Statement of Undisputed Material Facts in support of the motion to move Janel Grant's pending civil case to private arbitration. The filing sees McMahon's attorneys laying out 15 points that they believe cannot be disputed and that support their argument for arbitration.


The Statement alleges that McMahon and Janel Grant had a three-year relationship, lived in the same building throughout, and entered into a written agreement at the end of that relationship. It also states that, before any involvement from lawyers, McMahon offered Grant $1 million as part of the written agreement, with Grant negotiating for $3 million instead.

Based on the document, both sides agree that lawyers were brought in after that point, with revisions being made back and forth between the parties. One of those revisions includes the stipulation that, should the matter enter arbitration or court, "the prevailing party, as determined by the tribunal or Court, shall recover from the non-party(ies) all of its resulting costs and attorneys fees."


Additionally, the Statement of Undisputed Facts includes another stipulation of the agreement between McMahon and Grant — the parties must first attempt to solve any dispute "informally" before taking the matter further. If a resolution can't be achieved, then the "sole and exclusive legal method to resolve any and all disputes and/or controversies is to commence binding arbitration under the Federal Arbitration Act."

Further Details Of Contract Between Vince McMahon & Janel Grant

The signed agreement dictates that if the two sides could not agree on a location for the eventual arbitration, the venue would default to Stamford, Connecticut — home to the headquarters of WWE. The contract Grant signed saw her agree to keeping the details of her relationship with McMahon confidential, and the Statement indicates that Grant was aware of this upon signing the agreement.


The Statement also confirms that Grant received a payment of $1 million in early 2022, with four more payments of $500,000 scheduled out over the following few years, and that she would waive her right to pursue legal action against McMahon or WWE. As part of the lawsuit, Grant's lawyers have argued that the contract was broken when McMahon failed to make one of the promised payments.

An added element of the signed agreement between Grant and McMahon stated that, even if one element of the contract was voided, the rest of the contract would remain intact. It's not certain if the agreement will hold up in a court of law, with some experts having their doubts, but that matter should be cleared up imminently; the judge will decide in the coming months if the case stays in civil court or heads to arbitration.