AEW's Bryan Danielson Opens Up About His Health, Daily Issues

Given that he was forced to medically retire in 2016, Bryan Danielson's health has always been something that fans, and people close to the "American Dragon," have worried about ever since he returned to action in 2018. Danielson has already made it clear he is planning to stop wrestling on a full-time basis before the end of 2024, not just because of his health, but because he promised his daughter that he would be around more once she turned seven years old.


The time for Danielson to hang up his full-time boots is edging closer by the day, and during an appearance on "Casual Conversations with The Classic," the AEW star gave an update on how he's feeling physically, especially after the war he went through at Dynasty with Will Ospreay. "I'm having some issues with my neck," Danielson said. "There was a thing where I gave him a Frankensteiner and he landed on his feet, and in the background nobody noticed it I don't think at the time, but when I did it I landed right on my head, and I was like 'oh my gosh.' I've needed some time after that ... but in the MRI I'm okay, but like how do I feel on a day-to-day basis? My neck is like 'ehh.'"

Danielson explained that his perception of pain is a little different from others, as he now examines how he feels and judges whether something should be fixed, or he should do something differently depending on the pain level. He said that he still gets pains running down his arms and into his hands when he meditates, and knows that won't go away, especially given that his son loves jumping on his back despite Danielson telling him to stay away from his neck.


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