WWE Files Memorandum Of Law, Supporting Case For Arbitration In Janel Grant Lawsuit

It's been a week of legal maneuvering regarding Janel Grant's lawsuit against Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis, and WWE, which has accused McMahon of sex trafficking and abuse. McMahon and Laurinaitis have since started going on the offensive, each filing a motion to have the lawsuit moved to arbitration, with McMahon later referring to Grant's counter motion as "the height of hypocrisy." Now, as expected, WWE is following McMahon's and Laurianitis' lead.


On Monday, WWE filed a memorandum of law, also asking that the lawsuit be moved to arbitration. The motion stated that WWE was disputing Grant's accusations, while also arguing that the lawsuit couldn't be heard in a court of law due to Grant agreeing previously to have her claims arbitrated. As such, WWE argued that Grant had "no claims actionable in this Court," citing the NDA Grant and McMahon had previously agreed to.

The memorandum comes only days after all parties in the case agreed to a rough timeline regarding its future, with the next step being Grant responding to the defendant's motions by June 4, followed by the defendants having until June 18 to respond to Grant. At that point, the judge will then make the decision whether to rule in favor of the defendants and move the case to arbitration, or rule in favor of Grant, allowing the case to play out via trial.


Should the judge rule in favor of arbitration, it would mean the lawsuit would play out behind closed doors, with details regarding the case being kept private. It's been speculated that McMahon specifically has targeted arbitration in order to keep details of the matter as quiet as possible, while also publicly giving his side of the story, in order to allow him to return to a business career once the matter is resolved.