Vince McMahon Court Filing Calls Janel Grant's Motion 'Height Of Hypocrisy'

Former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has responded to the allegations leveled at him by Janel Grant and the lawsuit that she filed against him, calling it "meritless and the height of hypocrisy." McMahon's legal team have condemned the allegations against their client, calling it a violation of the agreement that they had signed to keep their relationship confidential and private.


McMahon's lawyers have stated that Grant and her team did not disclose the messages and explicit images that she had sent and only showed what the former WWE boss had sent her, with them also claiming that the relationship was consensual in nature. The court filing by McMahon has made several points against Grant, with the former WWE CEO asserting that Grant was in love with him and wanted to be in a relationship even after signing their non disclosure agreement, while Grant is also alleged to have wanted to live in the same building as McMahon so that they could see each other.

Further, McMahon has added in the court filing that Grant wanted McMahon to watch her have sex with others and that she wanted a physical relationship with him, while she also claimed that McMahon was her best friend. The filing also alleges that Grant wanted McMahon to give her thousands of dollars in gifts and to get plastic surgery. The former WWE CEO has revealed in his filing that he no longer has the text messages Grant sent him as he deleted them after their relationship ended.


Last month, McMahon had filed a motion in court to take their dispute to arbitration, with the former WWE CEO arguing that due to the non-disclosure agreement that he and Grant had previously signed, the matter should be settled in private arbitration. A recent report indicated that McMahon is willing to cooperate and thinks the matter will be settled rather than going to court.