AEW's Jeff Jarrett Assesses Chuck Palumbo's Power Plant Crop In WCW

During the heyday of WCW in the 1990s, the Power Plant was a training school meant to develop new talent for the promotion. Over the years, WCW's Power Plant trainees included the likes of Goldberg, "Diamond" Dallas Page, and David Flair, along with many other performers who found varying degrees of success in the industry. Speaking on an episode of "My World," former WCW star Jeff Jarrett reflected on a specific group of trainees that included Chuck Palumbo and Mark Jindrak.


"I love Chuck. We got along great," Jarrett said. "That crop of guys — Palumbo, Jindrak, ... Johnny the Bull, ... I thought every one of them had not just good potential but great potential."

Jarrett feels that a major error was made in bringing these wrestlers up to the legitimate WCW roster, however. The AEW performer recalls a large group all being brought in together — somewhere between seven and nine performers.

"When you bring them all [up] at the same time, nobody gets over," Jarrett continued. "Chuck — great guy personally, behind the scenes [and] in the ring. ... But did he have the reps and [was he] seasoned? No, he came straight out of the Power Plant."

Palumbo debuted with WCW in 1998, staying with the company until the final episode of "WCW Monday Nitro" in 2001. The wrestler joined WWE after that, with the most memorable aspect of that run likely being his tag team with Billy Gunn. The two were known together as Billy and Chuck, and were depicted as a gay couple who were also onscreen heels. After continuing with WWE before a run on the independent scene, Palumbo retired from wrestling in 2012.


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