Meet The Icon Sting's Sons Steve And Garrett

AEW Revolution 2024 was a family affair for "The Icon" Sting. He successfully defended the AEW World Tag Team Championship alongside Darby Allin against The Young Bucks in what was his final wrestling match, bringing the curtain down on a 39-year career in front of a sold out Greensboro Coliseum, and he did it with the help of his sons, Steven Jr. and Garrett.


Garrett appeared on stage during his father's entrance dressed as "Surfer Sting," wearing the exact outfit Sting wore at the 1990 Great American Bash event. Steven quickly followed dressed as "Wolfpac Sting," complete with his father's exact gear, red and black face paint, and a black wig, and it's safe to say that both of the Bordens grabbed people's attention. But who are the two young men that helped Sting retire on such a high note?

Garrett Borden

The eldest of the two brothers, Garrett Borden has managed to develop a fairly substantial following online, especially after the events of Revolution. Garrett attended Azusa Pacific University, a top Christian college in Southern California, where he would eventually go on to play for the school's football team as a fullback, and has continued to be athletic outside of his other passion; his YouTube channel.


Garrett uploads videos to his channel "KOTHAS," where he mainly focuses on posting content related to the video game "Destiny 2," but has noted he would like to branch out and explore other games such as "Dark Souls." Garrett even took to his YouTube channel in the aftermath of Revolution to explain why he hadn't been uploading as many videos, revealing that he wanted to get in the best possible shape for his dad's retirement match as he knew he would be on camera and wanted to look good. He also explained how proud he is of his dad, and how incredible it was seeing how many people congratulated his dad for everything he has done for them, while also calling Darby Allin "the craziest human he's ever met in his entire life."


Despite his appearance at Revolution, that wasn't technically the first time Garrett has gotten involved in the world of wrestling. Back in 2007, he was brought in to his dad's feud with Kurt Angle in TNA, where on an episode of "Impact," Angle sent a video to the Impact Zone showing him stalking Garrett at a football training session, before confronting him in the parking lot. Even with this cameo, it wasn't enough to convert him into a professional wrestler.

Steven Borden Jr.

Even though he is the younger of the two sons, Steven Borden Jr. is also a very athletic young man. He attended Kilgore University before eventually committing to the University of Kentucky, playing football for both schools as a tight end. Steven would try out for the Kansas City Chiefs following the 2015 NFL Draft as he was invited to a rookie mini-camp, but would unfortunately not be offered a contract at the end of the camp.


Steven opened up about choosing football over potentially being a wrestler like his dad in an interview in 2022. He explained that seeing how famous his dad was growing up gave him a drive to try and make something of himself, even if it wasn't anything to do with wrestling. Steven stated that his dad was extremely supportive of his aspirations in football, saying "The Icon" was never one to try and push his children into what he was doing, rather pushing them into what they wanted to do and supporting them all the way.

Wrestling fans were very impressed with Steven's work at Revolution, particularly on the Stinger Splashes he gave to each of The Young Bucks, getting so much height on his leap that he even posted about doing the move on social media after the event. AEW broadcaster Renee Paquette was so impressed that she responded to the tweet by saying the amount of height he got should have earned him a wrestling contract, to which he responded by saying that his friend said he looked like he had been holding in the jumps for 20 years.