Other Wrestlers Have A Lot To Say About Sting

"The Icon" Sting recently hung up his boots after a nearly 40-year career in wrestling. Over that time, he captured an array of championships, and is best known for his lengthy tenure in WCW, his jump to TNA, a short and controversial run with WWE, and his final run with AEW. Sting had many classic feuds, with his legendary rivalry with Ric Flair setting him up for the career he'd end up having. The two men made history when they went to war during the first ever Clash of the Champions in the Greensboro Coliseum — where "The Icon" chose to end his career after his final feud with The Young Bucks, alongside his protege Darby Allin and his sons, Garrett and Steve Jr. Borden.


However, outside of his well-known friendship with "The Nature Boy," Sting has cultivated many lasting relationships. While his "Crow Sting" gimmick initially saw him go to war with the invading NWO, he ultimately joined NWO Wolfpac in their civil war against NWO Hollywood, which saw him don red face paint and show more personality. During this run, he teamed up with Kevin Nash and Lex Luger, among many others.

Despite his decorated career, fans have notably pointed out how Sting never had a feud with The Undertaker, even when the two men were actually signed to WWE at the same time. Naturally, by competing in so many promotions and crossing the paths of many legendary figures, Sting has left many impressions on his peers, but did he always leave good ones?


Eric Bischoff was once close to Sting but claims they drifted apart

As President of WCW, Eric Bischoff worked closely with many of the biggest stars in his promotion, especially those in the NWO, since he himself became a member of the faction. However, this was no different with Sting, and on his "83 Weeks" podcast, Bischoff recalled the nature of their relationship back then.


According to Bischoff, he and Sting were good friends. "We would do things socially outside of wrestling. Steve and his wife came out here to Wyoming. He was actually looking at a really nice piece of property just down the road from me and was really considering moving out here for a minute, I guess. We got very close." Unfortunately, after WCW fell apart, the two lost contact, which Bischoff takes accountability for. "After WCW went down, I just kind of removed myself from the world of wrestling. And anybody that knows me really well, including my family, knows that I'm just not very good on the phone."

Bischoff continued, emphasizing that their parting wasn't due to anything personal, and recalled seeing Sting shortly before he had talks with TNA. "Steve and I just happened to be on the same flight going into Dallas and talked to him on the plane. You know, it was very cordial, and we're both excited to see each other. And then you know, 'I'll stay in touch.' And of course, we didn't until I arrived in TNA." (Per 411Mania).


Kevin Nash is a known friend of Sting

Kevin Nash notably missed Sting's final match, and explained his decision in the wake of online backlash. Despite this, many believe he isn't really as close to Sting as he says, however, he has spoken about the friendship they share on multiple occasions.


According to Nash on his "Kliq This" podcast, both Sting and Lex Luger helped him out on the road as well as in the gym back in the early '90s. "Him and Lex sometimes would pick up lunches when we were on the road because they were making cash and I wasn't," Nash said. "The guys that are the partiers hang out together, and the guys that go to the gym hang out together and they were the gym guys. And on top of that, when I broke into the business I trained at Lex and Steve's gym, Main Event Fitness in Atlanta, and my wife did also. He was our star when I was in the first time ... Steve was by far the number one guy, but you would have never known it."

On another "Kliq This," Nash said Sting had always been a friend to him and took care of him early on in his wrestling career. "He took really good care of me when I was a jabroni. He's always been my friend. There are guys that are your friends, and there are guys who are your friends because they're in the business, and Steve was always a friend. He found Christ and he's in a great place in his life right now." (Per Wrestlingnews.co.)


Lex Luger has a special bond with Sting

Lex Luger's career in wrestling is often brought up in discussions online because he never captured gold in WWE, despite being the picture of what a main event star was at the time. Similarly, Luger's life after wrestling is notable, as his outlook was forever changed after a spinal cord injury left him partially paralyzed. This experience led him to find his faith in Christianity, something he shares with Sting. Speaking with "Under the Ring," Luger expressed how he and "The Icon" have had similar journeys. "We — both inside and outside the ring — have similar journeys," Luger said." "We're both followers of Jesus now, and that makes it extra special for us as well."


Luger recalled how Sting was always there for him, even during his darkest days. "He never gave up on me, even during the worst times of my life. He'd leave voicemails when I wouldn't answer the phone — when I went through a bad period of addictions with sex, drugs, and alcohol. People thought I was going to be the next wrestler found dead. Stinger never gave up on me, and we're the best of friends to this day — he's a special guy and a special friend."

Interestingly, Luger says he and Sting's friendship didn't happen overnight. The veteran recalled a conversation they once had, where he gave a sarcastic response to Sting when asked about his nutrition. "He walked away shaking his head, but we ended up seeing each other downstairs, finally had breakfast together, went to the gym together, and over time, became the best of friends."


The Undertaker doesn't think Sting would've walked away victorious in a feud with him

Sting and The Undertaker both employed similar gimmicks of dark, brooding, yet stoic characters on the opposite ends of the wrestling industry. Due to this, many compared the two men over the years, but they always seemed to be in opposing promotions, and due to the severity of the competition between WWE and WCW and eventually TNA, it always seemed like the match was simply a pipe dream. For a brief moment, it seemed like there was a possibility of Sting and Undertaker finally proving which star was better when WWE signed "The Icon" in 2014. But, as everyone knows, the match never happened. However, does Undertaker think Sting would have been a worthy opponent? In an interview with Bill Apter of Sportskeeda, "The Deadman" gave his opinion on how the match would've turned out.


"I'd have killed him. He'd have got a Tombstone brother, he's going out after I'd planted him." Despite having a firm opinion concerning the outcome of the match, Undertaker still had glowing words to say about Sting ahead of his retirement, and wished him well after praising his character.

"Yeah I would love to say, Sting, congratulations man, on just a spectacular career," Undertaker explained. "I mean just one true icon of our industry. He's done everything, and like I said just the longevity of that character, just well done, and congratulations. I hope retirement is everything that you want it to be and you deserve everything you have."

Hulk Hogan once claimed he had unbelievable respect for Sting

Hulk Hogan was once the biggest star in wrestling, and is largely recognized as one of the men responsible for making the industry as popular as it was from the mid-1980s to early '90s. During this time, Hogan had a lot of sway within WWE, and was able to directly run ideas by Vince McMahon. In an unearthed interview conducted in the '90s with Hogan, the Hulkster revealed he tried to get McMahon to sign Sting.


According to Hogan at the time, Sting didn't realize how good he wasm and Hogan believed he could've had a major run in WWE. "I have unbelievable respect for Sting — he doesn't realize how good he really is ... Sting should have already had his New York (WWE) run. I'll tell you something; when I got red-hot after WrestleMania III, I was begging Vince to get Sting in the WWF so I could turn heel at some point."

Hogan continued, claiming that Sting was far more athletic than him, and could have had a WWE run that rivaled Hulkamania. "He had the blond hair, he was 10 times more athletic than me, and I believed this guy could have the same run as Hulkamania, but take it 10 times bigger. I was telling Vince (McMahon), 'Let me get this guy over', because after beating Andre if they'd brought Sting in and had him beat me, it would have made him this tall (gestures with his hand above his head)." As fans know by now, Hogan's efforts were ultimately unsuccessful. "But Sting wouldn't come; we tried and tried, but he just would not jump. Vince even talked to him last year, but still, Sting wouldn't go." (Per Fighting Spirit Magazine).