WWE Divas Who Are Unrecognizable Today

The women of the WWE "Divas Era" were the most glamorous, beautiful, fierce women in sports entertainment and their influence is still felt among women wrestling today across not just WWE, but all companies. From mixing it up in the ring in a variety of gimmick matches, such as bra and panties and evening gown matches, to gracing the covers of magazines, to even participating in hardcore matches and jumping from ladders, these gorgeous women were seen by all in mainstream media, not just wrestling fans. The former World Wrestling Federation referred to its female talent as "Divas," and the term stuck around until the spotlight came to women's wrestling during the beginning of "WWE NXT." The term fizzled out during what is now known as "The Women's Revolution" of wrestling after fans clamored for the company to "give Divas a chance," getting the topic trending on social media.


Many women's wrestlers today credit the Divas for setting the foundation of where they are today. From Sable and Dawn Marie to Kaitylin and Melina, these women have grown from their time within the company and matured. Some have become mothers and others have switched to even more demanding careers. They've changed their hair or their personal styles so much, that some of them are unrecognizable today from what they looked like during their times in the ring.


Former Diva Kaitlyn, whose real name is Celeste Bonin, has had quite the transformation since her time in WWE, where she competed on the main roster from 2010 to 2014. Her Instagram page showcases photos of her and her husband, and Kaitlyn is now rocking a new hairstyle with part of her head shaved and often pairs the new, more punk look with bright red lipstick and flawless makeup. Kaitlyn, who has been open in the past to drug and alcohol addiction so bad it left her "wanting to die" now looks happy and healthy in her posts. Her photos also show how hard she has been training, with many photos showing off her toned body, and she looks to be in even better shape than she was when she was in the ring.


Bonin has said she is open to a return to wrestling. She was last seen on the independent scene for Gangrel's Wrestling Asylum, and before that, she competed in WWE's second Mae Young Classic in 2018. For now, the former Kaitlyn is living her life as a health and "life optimization" coach, specializing in "movement, posture, and energetics" for women, according to her Instagram bio.

Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly, whose real name is Barbie Blank Coba, was a beauty to be reckoned with when she debuted on WWE's revamped ECW brand and "flashed" the audience during her "Extreme Expose" segments. Kelly Kelly was the epitome of "Diva" with her bright, good looks, flawless smile, and bleached blonde hair. She was the youngest Diva on the roster when she debuted at just 19. 


These days, Kelly Kelly is now a mature, married woman, who recently gave birth to twins. The former Diva seems healthy and happy with a glance at her Instagram page and she posted many pictures from photo shoots with her pregnant belly before giving birth. While she may not be completely unrecognizable to WWE fans, especially with her recent appearances over the years in women's Royal Rumble matches, the now 37-year-old has matured since her time as a teenager in ECW. The former Kelly Kelly is still very much the model she was when she was the first woman of WWE to appear on the cover of Maxim magazine.

Molly Holly

Molly Holly was a woman of many looks throughout her time with WWE, from a beautiful blonde superhero alongside the Hurricane to rocking a shaved head after a feud with Victoria that culminated in a hair-versus-hair stipulation match at WrestleMania 20. These days, the real-life Nora Benshoof rocks a shorter hairstyle as seen in her WWE Hall of Fame induction in March 2021. The former Diva has never truly left the wrestling business. In addition to appearances in women's Royal Rumble matches, Molly Holly is also now a backstage producer within the company, often helping produce women's matches and promos. The former Molly Holly, who is now 46, is unrecognizable from her time as Hurricane's sidekick when she had long, flowing blonde locks, but she has aged gracefully and beautifully, with the life and wrestling experience to help the women of WWE today in the newer aspect of her career.



If you were to ask any wrestling fan the first Diva of the Attitude Era that came to their mind, it's likely many would say Sable. The real-life Rena Lesnar, formerly known as Rena Mero in her previous marriage, was one of the hottest women on both the WWF and WWE rosters in her two runs with the company. From multiple covers of Playboy magazine to a sexually-charged feud with Torrie Wilson, bra and panties matches, and storyline involvement with Vince McMahon, Sable was a true sex symbol in the company. These days, the retired Diva does not have a social media presence, nor is the blonde beauty involved with anything WWE-related, outside of being married to Brock Lesnar. In recent years, the 56-year-old star is only pictured alongside her husband at a rare event, or previously after Lesnar won a UFC fight. It's a far cry from her Playboy covers, but the beauty had been in the limelight for so long, that she is aging like fine wine out of the public eye.



Melina is a former Diva that many fans remember for her over-the-top entrance as a manager for MNM, showcasing her flexibility in front of the "paparazzi" starting in 2003 when she was just 24 years old. Melina debuted as a heel with style and was the perfect beauty to manage the likes of Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury. Melina began wrestling herself and even won the Women's Championship. She's known for her long, dark tresses often worn with a "bump" in the front, which was a popular style at the time, but she's since cut her hair into a trendy bob that makes the now 45-year-old stunner look professional and mature. 


On her Instagram, Melina shares photos of her new, glamorous look, alongside old photos of her time in WWE as well as gorgeous fan art. Melina Perez is back in the wrestling business and is now the director of wrestling operations for Ultimate Women Of Wrestling. She most recently got in the ring herself for the NWA.

Candice Michelle

Candice Michelle was one of the most popular Divas of her time, alongside the likes of Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie. It's no surprise the beauty spent years modeling and acting before she was hired by WWE after participating in the 2004 Diva Search. Often known as a sex symbol, Michelle, whose real name is Candice Michelle Beckman, was the first Go Daddy Girl and performed in the company's first sexy Super Bowl commercial. Michelle is also a Playboy cover girl, posing for the magazine in April 2006 while she was still with the company.


Michelle is now 45 years old and has aged gracefully. While she may not be completely unrecognizable to fans when she appears at conventions, she has matured in her new career as an emotional alignment specialist and her life as a mother of three daughters. She posts often to her Instagram, sharing old photos from her time with WWE, as well as fresh-faced selfies, showcasing her naturally good looks.


Former WWE Diva Jacqueline Moore, who went just by Jacqueline when she wrestled, kicked butt during her time in the company. In addition to being one of the most competent female wrestlers at the time, the beauty would often show off her toned body and long braids in beach bikini shoots for WWE.com. Jacqueline wrestled and stunned fans with her good looks in WWE from 1998 to 2004 and was the first African American WWE Cruiserweight champion, in addition to being just one of three women to hold the title. She is also well known for managing Beer Money, Inc. in TNA from 2007 to 2009. She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016 and appeared as a surprise entrant in the first women's Royal Rumble in 2018.


Jacqueline is almost unrecognizable from her days with WWE and TNA and is enjoying retirement from wrestling at age 60. She is active on Instagram, where she posts many photos of her everyday life and natural beauty.

Jillian Hall

Jillian Hall was one of the most recognizable Divas in WWE during her time with the company, if not for her good looks and flowing blonde hair, than for her grating voice when she was portraying a wanna-be pop star. Hall was also known, when she first started in WWE, for having those good looks blemished with a massive growth on her face, which was ultimately (and disgustingly) eaten off her face by the Boogeyman in the storyline. Hall was with the company from 2005 up until her release in November 2010. Hall has made sporadic appearances for WWE, including a spot in the women's Royal Rumble match where she reprised her pop singer role.


These days, Hall shows off her beauty more naturally and seems to be rocking something closer to her natural hair color, which compared to her former blonde locks and heavy make-up, makes her almost unrecognizable. The now 43-year-old looks happy on her Instagram, where she often posts photos of herself alongside her two children.


Jazz is another former Diva who is unrecognizable these days, but she still looks beautiful and fierce. Jazz wrestled with long hair in WWE, but has also been known to rock a shaved head, which only makes her look even more intimidating, but unrecognizable from her time with the company. The two-time WWF/WWE Women's Champion also wrestled for the NWA, where she held the company's women's championship for over 900 days. The love from wrestling fans for Jazz knows no bounds, with many clamoring to get her inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.


These days, the real-life Carlene Begnaud is the owner of Dogg Pound Championship Wrestling and the Dogg Pound Dojo Wrestling School, using her vast amount of wrestling knowledge and over 20 years of experience to train the wrestlers of the future. Jazz is another former Diva active on Instagram, where she shares all aspects of her life.


Ariel was WWE's resident vampire and tarot card-reading Diva, alongside Kevin Thorn, beginning in the company's revamped ECW brand in 2006. When she was portraying Ariel, the real-life Shelly Martinez rocked a gothic look, with heavy eyeliner, and lipstick, as well as wearing pointed vampire teeth. Her black hair was also often highlighted with neon green. These days, the former Ariel rocks a much more natural, fresh-faced look. Her Instagram is full of smiling photos of her natural beauty alongside her pets or at Disney World, where she is almost completely unrecognizable from her time in ECW.


Martinez also runs her own website of exclusive content, complete with a blog and multiple podcasts, including one called "Vampire Radio," a homage to her former character. The former Diva retired from wrestling in May of 2017, after working for Perros del Mal in Mexico, Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, and even TNA, after leaving WWE in 2007.


Not to be confused with Maxxine Dupri on WWE's main roster now, the original Maxine is a former Diva who competed in the ring from 2009 through 2012, when she left to pursue an acting career. Those not familiar with the Diva may not recognize her today. While in WWE developmental, Maxine was a raven-haired beauty, who WWE called a "modern-day, in-charge woman – the kind that men know they shouldn't pursue, but couldn't resist." These days, Maxine, whose real name is Karlee Leilani Perez is rocking a shorter hairdo, which showcases her high cheekbones and big, brown eyes. The star is only 37 years old and is of Spanish, Cuban, Italian, Hawaiian, and Chinese ancestry, with all cultures playing into her unique look.


After leaving WWE, the former Maxine wrestled for TNA, Lucha Underground, and was also active on the independent scene. She joined MLW in 2021, where she remains today. As an actress, she has appeared in movies like "Mapplethorpe" and 2020's "Seized."

Dawn Marie

Dawn Marie was one of the most titillating Divas of her era, most notably involved in a feud with Torrie Wilson when she seduced Wilson's father, Al, for a chance to get with Wilson herself. The Diva was well-known across television for her good looks and she also appeared in magazines including Beauties of Wrestling, ECW Magazine, and Celebrity Skin.


Dawn Marie debuted in ECW in 1998 before moving to WWE. She was released from her contract in 2005 after revealing she was pregnant. The 53-year-old mom of two has since changed her life around and has accomplished her dream of becoming a nurse. She worked throughout the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, contracting the virus herself at one point. The former Diva has since made a full recovery. Her beautiful, natural looks to this day could be in part because she also is passionate about holistic healing. She runs an alternative health service using crystals for healing.


Debra Marshall is most known in WWF as a valet and manager, first for her then-husband Steve "Mongo" McMichael in WCW, and then for her second husband, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in the WWF. Prior to entering the realm of wrestling, she competed and won the Miss Illinois pageant in the late 1980s. The blond-haired beauty debuted in the company in 1998, managing the team of Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart until the latter's death in the ring in May 1999. Debra's stunning looks didn't just serve her well in the wrestling world, she went on to appear in a few films, including 1995's "The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre." The former Diva is now 63 years old, aging gracefully, and still making appearances with her fellow Divas at conventions across the country.


Eva Marie

Eva Marie, whose real name is Natalie Eva Marie, was known as "All Red Everything" when she made her WWE debut in 2013. The then-red-haired beauty stayed in the company until 2017 when she was released from her contract, but returned for another stint between 2020 and 2021. Eva Marie is no longer rocking her red look, and seems to love to switch up her hair color whenever she pleases. Most recently on her Instagram page, she's seen rocking long, pink hair, oftentimes done up in braids. The star is a fitness model and is often sharing snaps from her photoshoots, showing off her abs and other muscles, something she didn't often get to do during her time with WWE. Eva Marie is one jacked former Diva and is almost unrecognizable in her Instagram shots, especially when she's rocking big sunglasses and ballcaps, which she seems to prefer when she's in the gym with her husband.


Madusa/Alundra Blayze

Madusa, also known as Alundra Blayze, was one of the original and most iconic Divas in not only WWF, but WCW. In her iconic bodysuits, including an infamous outfit of stars and stripes, Madusa was one of the hottest stars in the company when she started with WCW in 1991. On her Instagram page, the now 60-year-old says she is embracing "aging naturally." Her page showcases photos from her younger days as a Diva, in addition to a variety of photos of her natural beauty in her everyday life, as well. Though she was a bleach blonde in her wrestling days, the real-life Debrah Miceli now seems to be embracing her natural hair color, as well.


The Diva famous for throwing the WWF Women's Championship in a trash can live on WCW television is staying busy outside of the ring and is currently a producer for the National Wrestling Alliance. She is also a former monster truck driver in addition to being a former Diva, and is the second-longest tenured female driver in the sport.